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Tranquilizer dart multiple

Střela PRICK 3ml pro opakované použití

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Prostřednictvím přetlaku v těle střely je píst při nárazu tlačen tělem střely dopředu, čímž dojde k vytlačení narkotizační látky do tkáně zvířete.


Upon impact, the piston is pushed forward by the pressure in the body of the projectile, which causes an injecting of the narcotizing substance into the tissue of the animal.
The metal needles have a rounded tip with two holes on either side of the needle tip. The holes are covered with silicone plugs. When the needle penetrates the skin of an animal, these plugs are pushed backwards, so that the narcotizing substance can be injected into the tissue.


Shot designed for narcotic substance - volume of 3 ml or 5 ml.olume of 3 ml and 5 ml.

- caliber 13mm

- ráže 13mm

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